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Dear Friends, As always – thanks so much for your support! On your next visit, be sure to check out our newest wildlife ambassadors! We’ve been working on the old American crow enclosure to ready it for two new striped skunks! Skunks get a bad rap because of their propensity to release an eye-watering stench as an ingenious way to protect themselves. Nobody, it seems, wants to live next to a skunk! But that leads to a perfect opportunity for us to educate, ‘cause skunks are amazing! Striped skunks (Mephitis mephitis) are in their own Family, Mephitidae, but are closely related to mink, weasels, and wolverines. Skunks are nocturnal, waking at dusk to search for food. They are omnivorous and will eat just about anything they can find, but about 70% of their diet consists of insects! Adult skunks are solitary, most often living in dens created by other animals. Although not true hibernators, they will become inactive for periods of time during the coldest months. Here’s a statistic that just blows my mind – 90% of skunks do not survive their first winter! The typical lifespan is only 1 year, although they have lived 15 years in captivity. Hope we have the next 15 yrs with our new ambassadors! I love this time of year! It's when we look back on all we have accomplished (thanks to your support) and dream about 2013. And we had a great year! We touched over 25,000 people through our innovative, hands on programming, cared for 1,016 (and counting!) wild patients and welcomed over 100,000 visitors to the center, encouraging them to visit the wildlife and explore the trails! We opened the River’s Edge Wildlife Preserve to the public, received a grant to reach 20 classes of Trotwood preschoolers with wildlife encounters and storybooks, and challenged ourselves to become better educators, sharing our love of wildlife. We look forward to 2013 with optimism as we begin planning the renovation of our main floor. Our goal is to create a welcoming area that represents our mission, wows our visitors and directs them through the exhibits to the outdoors! I’ll keep you posted on the progress! Deb